EuroTier Innovation Award

Nedap SmartFlow: free milk and air flow. Wireless power supply and dataflow.

Nedap introduces a pioneering milk meter that has been awarded a EuroTier Innovation Award. The Nedap SmartFlow ensures a continuous and completely free milk and air flow, making vacuum drops and fluctuations caused by milk meters a thing of the past. Thanks to advanced technologies used for power management, data communication and recording, it is the first milk meter that is completely wireless.

The Nedap SmartFlow records the milk yield and flow rate of individual cows during each milking with the highest accuracy. It empowers dairy farmers with operational and strategic performance insights and controls various automated processes in the milking parlor.

Continuous and completely free milk and air flow

The mechanical geometry and electronic recording principle of the Nedap SmartFlow are designed for a continuous and optimally free milk and air flow. No flow obstruction or interruption occurs that could cause a vacuum drop, vacuum fluctuation or rough treatment of the milk. As a result, cows are milked more gently and completely and udder health improves. It also leads to higher milk quality with less free fatty acids.


The Nedap SmartFlow is the first milk meter that is completely wireless. The so-called ‘SmartFloat’ inside the device and the Processing unit form the intelligent brains and the heart of the system. They combine advanced technologies that make power supply, the measuring principle and data communication completely wireless. As a result, the Nedap SmartFlow excels in cost and maintenance efficiency and ease and speed of installation. It eliminates malfunctioning due to poor or faulty wiring. In combination with the elegance of the device, it also benefits the appearance of the milking installation.

SmartFloat and advanced data communication

For the SmartFloat and the Processing unit, Nedap uses technologies that are new to milk meters. However, they are proven worldwide and used for many years in other Nedap dairy management solutions, such as Nedap CowControl, and connected devices from different Nedap Business Units. The SmartFloat is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for the most accurate and reliable measurements. It has smart functionalities on board such as a data-memory and a control system that monitors whether the device is correctly installed, functions properly, cleans properly and has a data connection. Data is transferred via Ultra High Frequency (UHF) communication. The powerful Processing unit is also used for other applications such as Nedap CowControl. The entire system excels in robustness, durability, scalability and easy integration.

Operational and strategic performance insights

The Nedap SmartFlow measures and registers the milk yield and flow rate of individual cows during each milking with the highest accuracy and resolution. It empowers dairy farmers and their teams with real-time management information by providing operational and strategic insights into the performance of individual cows and groups. They are presented within the interface of Nedap’s dairy management system in a user-friendly way and can be integrated with other farm automation systems and dairy management programs. These insights help farmers to identify bottlenecks, make better informed decisions and have strategic insights to continuously improve productivity and profitability.

Automated milking process control

The Nedap SmartFlow fulfills a key role in the automation of various milking processes. The speed and reliability with which it controls these processes is unmatched. It functions as a sensor for automatic cluster take-off. Based on the recorded flow rate, it controls automatic pulsation and stimulation for efficient and comfortable milking. A unique and highly valuable feature of the Nedap SmartFlow is Immediate Kick-off Detection. This feature ensures that the milking process of an individual cow stops immediately when a teatcup or cluster sucks air, so that no problems arise. Together with the milk meter, Nedap’s new milking parlor control unit will be introduced, which can be used in combination with the Nedap SmartFlow.

ICAR certification is pending. Based on its specifications and the results of all tests currently performed, Nedap expects it to meet all ICAR standards and requirements for recording, use in milking equipment, hygiene and accuracy.