With its Augmented Reality solution, Nedap is involved in Microsoft’s brand new HoloSuite, which was opened in Amsterdam on Monday November 25th.

With the HoloSuite, Microsoft together with four partners has launched a groundbreaking way to bring industry cases to life in the Customer Experience Center in its office at Schiphol. Through a room full of interactive 360 ​​° projections and Mixed Reality technology, eight real-life industry cases from different sectors are showcased. Including those from Nedap, the Johan Cruijff Arena, Oasen Water, the Vechtdal College, Tata Steel, Bilfinger, the Royal BAM and a collaborative project of the LUMC and Center for Innovation at Leiden University. They are among the B2B pioneers who introduced mixed reality technology using Microsoft’s HoloLens.

With its case, Nedap represents the agri & food sector. Her recently developed Augmented Reality solution is an addition to the existing Nedap CowControl system. A so-called SmartTag, which can be seen as a Fitbit for cows, monitors the behavior of the animals 24 hours a day. Based on this data, farmers receive essential insights into the health, nutrition, fertility and location of their cows. This enables them to significantly improve efficiency, animal health and well-being, production and profitability.

With Microsoft’s HoloLens, Nedap is now able to bring these herd insights to life in the barn. Through a combination of Mixed Reality and Nedap CowControl, relevant insights are shown in the farmer’s field of vision, exactly above the right cows. Through hand gestures and voice commands, the farmer can navigate through the interface and register information automatically.

The solution was introduced by Nedap in 2018 and won multiple international innovation awards. It is the very first application of Mixed Reality in the livestock industry.

Nedap is proud to cooperate with Microsoft and its partners, by immersing HoloSuite visitors in the world of Mixed Reality and showing how a real-life case like this can add value to an industry.

Innovation alley

In addition to the HoloSuite, the case is also represented in Microsoft’s Innovation Alley, also part of its Customer Experience Center. Through a lifelike cow with SmartTag and a HoloLens demonstration, visitors can get to know the smart Nedap technology, which is supported by various Microsoft solutions like the HoloLens and the Azure cloud platform.

Microsoft Customer Experience Center