Silver medals:

Silver medals for Nedap SmartFlow, Reproduction Management and Augmented Reality

During its press conference on Wednesday, September 19, the EuroTier organization (DLG) announced that Nedap receives two silver medals for innovative dairy management solutions that the company presents at EuroTier 2018. Nedap received one medal for a brand new milk meter, the Nedap SmartFlow. The other silver medal is for the combination of Nedap Reproduction Management and Augmented Reality. Two different innovations that can be integrated with each other and will be presented by Nedap as part of its existing Nedap CowControl system

Nedap SmartFlow

The Nedap SmartFlow ensures a continuous and completely free milk and air flow, making the vacuum fluctuation caused by milk meters a thing of the past. Thanks to its SmartFloat with advanced measurement and data communication technologies, it is the first milk meter that is wireless.

The Nedap SmartFlow measures and registers the milk yield and various milking process indicators – such as flow rate and flow routine – of individual cows during each milking with the highest accuracy. It empowers dairy farmers with operational and strategic information and controls multiple automated milking processes.

Nedap CowControl

Reproduction Management

Nedap Reproduction Management is a new software module that helps dairy farmers to be in total control of the reproduction on their farm. Sensor data, fertility protocols and reproduction strategies are uniquely combined and integrated within one intelligent system. It automatically generates hands-on work lists on which all cows appear that either need to undergo a fertility check, (treatment) action or can be inseminated. Prescribed diagnoses, treatments and (follow-up) protocols can be registered directly and easily via smartphone while standing with the cow. An interactive analysis tool provides extensive insight into the fertility problems and reproductive performance of the herd.

Nedap CowControl

Augmented Reality

Nedap is the first to bring Augmented Reality into the dairy farm. Herd information gathered by Nedap CowControl – a worldwide leading cow monitoring system – is now brought to life in the barn. This new technology brings the farmer’s real world and digital information together. It enriches his actual field of vision with the right cow insights at the right time and place. Actions can be performed and registered using hand gestures or voice commands. It enables farmers to interact with technology in the most natural way possible and make them more efficient, productive and successful in their work.