VAS and Nedap have been working together extensively for years. Recently, we have further strengthened our relationship by enhancing the level of integration between the VAS Platform and Nedap CowControl. The advanced integration enables both parties to further support and empower dairy farmers around the globe and make them more succesful and happier in their professional lives.

Through this integration, detailed heat and health data generated by Nedap CowControl technology is presented and evaluated within VAS applications. Simultaneously, data from VAS programs seamlessly flows into Nedap software, allowing farmers to automatically locate cows that need attention or gain other efficiencies, for example through Nedap’s sorting and routing solutions.

For those using both VAS and Nedap systems, added value is created. It helps dairy farmers in decision making based on reliable and real time information, both on operational and strategic levels, and allows them to manage their herd efficiently through one portal.
This integration provides the most precise and complete activity data in easy to read graphs, accessible to view anytime, anywhere on any web browser.

Widgets are available for each activity within Nedap CowControl:

  • Heat Detection
  • Eating, Rumination & Inactive behavior
  • Standing, Lying & Walking behavior

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