We are Nedap Livestock Management

Improving life on the farm

We believe individual cow care improves the performance and well-being of the entire herd. And that technology helps people become happier and more successful in their professional lives.

That’s why our solutions provide crucial insights to optimize the health and productivity of individual cows, while minimizing workload and resources. This way, we improve life on all the farm for people and animals and help reduce the footprint of dairies worldwide.

Powered by Nedap

Known for its reliability and innovation, our cow monitoring technology is the most trusted around the world. By thousands of farmers to manage millions of cows every day. And by the world’s top milking equipment and genetics providers, who choose to partner with Nedap.

“Powered by Nedap” means the power of Nedap technology, amplified by the unique value arising from its integration with our partners’ solutions. Together, we help farmers get the most out of their farm and life.

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