Care for cow health, milk quality and milking speed reinvented

At Nedap we develop Technology for life. High-quality, innovative hardware and software solutions that help people be happier and more successful in their professional lives. We improve life on the farm – for people and animals – by enabling farmers to produce profitably, sustainably and pleasantly.
With our brand new MilkingControl solutions, we developed a range of smart milking monitoring and management tools to do just that. They make the milking process exceptionally fast and efficient, in the most friendly way possible for the farmer, the cow and the milk.

They provide farmers with the insights and increased efficiency needed to be in control and improve results. And – even more importantly – they take care for cow health, milk quality and milking speed to a whole new level through groundbreaking technology.

Why we developed a 100% freeflow and wireless milk meter?

  1. To safeguard the highest attainable udder health, cow comfort, milk quality and milking speed.
  2. To make installation, maintenance and integration as simple as possible.

Hear from product specialist Jort how we achieve that.

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Get the most out of your cows and time

Set your farm up for the future. Nedap’s breakthrough technology helps you increase production, animal welfare, milk quality and ease of work. Find out how.


Optimize cow comfort, udder health and milk quality

Due to the unique and completely free milk and air flow through the meter, no (teat-end) vacuum fluctuations or flow obstructions are caused. This way, the cow experiences the highest possible comfort during milking, her udder health remains optimal and the milk quality stays intact.


Get insight at the blink of an eye. Have full control at the touch of a button

Through the InTouch and software, you get the insights needed at the blink of an eye and control vital milking and parlor processes at the touch of a button. This makes milking as easy, fast and enjoyable as possible.

Increase production and cow health through data and insights

Nedap’s SmartFlow milk meter is a powerful tool that collects accurate milk yield and flow data for each cow during every milking, providing valuable insight into her productivity and health. This allows you to make smart management decisions to reach the highest attainable condition and production of each cow and the entire herd.


Milk faster and more efficient

A 100% free flow, even with fast milking cows, ensures the fastest possible milking process. For maximum efficiency, the MilkingControl solutions accurately monitor the milk flow and milking process to smartly automate cluster take-off, adaptive pulsation, stimulation and more.

Innovation that makes the difference

What sets the MilkingControl solutions apart from conventional systems? Innovation and user-friendliness. Experience the difference.


100% freeflow

The SmartFlow is the only meter through which milk and air flow completely freely. No vacuum fluctuations or flow obstructions are caused, which significantly benefits udder health, cow comfort, milk quality, milking speed and flow capacity.


The SmartFlow is the very first wireless milk meter, thanks to advanced yet proven data communication and power supply. The results? Installation made easier than ever, no malfunctioning due to wiring issues and a clean configuration and appearance of the parlor.


Both the InTouch and the software are designed with a clear goal for the milker in mind: to make the milking process as simple and fast as possible, by providing the right insights and controls at the right time and place in the most user-friendly way possible.

Robust and reliable

The high-quality products are build to withstand all the challenges of the parlor environment and contain hardly any moving and wearing parts. They operate on Nedap’s proven management platform, renowned for its reliability for more than 45 years.

Easy installation and integration

The MilkingControl solutions excel in ease of installation, implementation and integration. They are plug-and-play, easily calibrated (statistically) and can be fully integrated with your milking installation, farm automation systems and herd management software programs.

ICAR certified

The SmartFlow reaches the highest standards in accuracy and we don’t settle for less. It is ICAR certified, ensuring top performance when it comes to accuracy, hygiene and more.

How Nedap MilkingControl solutions improve your dairy operation and bottom line?

  • Improved udder health and cow comfort
  • Improved milk quality
  • Increased milking speed and efficiency
  • Increased cow condition and production
  • Early detection of health problems and bottlenecks
  • Optimal selection of top and low performing cows
  • Improved genetic selection and breeding strategies
  • Instant feedback on management adjustments