You have mountains of farm data available to you. But with an ever-growing need to feed the world, you don’t have time to sift through it.

Nedap Livestock Management’s Augmented Reality simplifies farm data and brings it to life right where you need it – in the barn. This hands-free technology uses mixed-reality goggles to help you quickly find a cow’s exact location in the barn, and view relevant data on a virtual cow card. Imagine having access to health, heat and fertility statistics and making immediate decisions with the touch of your finger or a verbal command.

Try out this cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology for yourself at the Central Plains Dairy Expo in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, from March 25-26.

Making data easy and actionable

Nedap Livestock Management knows that data must be easy to access and produce valuable production insights. Nedap Augmented Reality is an addition to Nedap CowControl acitivy monitoring with cow locating. It is the very first AR application in the livestock industry, which is expected to be available to dairy farmers in the near future.

Nedap Augmented Reality

This Nedap CowControl delivers actionable insights to boost heat detection, conception rates, cow health, labor efficiency and farm management. Nedap Augmented Reality provides this information in a seamless experience.

To further improve efficiency, tracking cow location in real-time with Nedap Cow Locating allows producers to know the exact location of each cow at any time. The result? A reduction in management costs while ensuring each cow gets the care she needs.

Here’s how Nedap Augmented Reality brings your data to life:

Step one: Gather data.
Nedap activity monitors identify each cow’s behavior and real-time location around the clock, tracking signs of heat, barn position, eating behavior and rumination patterns.

Step two: See the difference.
Nedap Augmented Reality uses Microsoft HoloLens mixed-reality goggles to display data above each cow in your field of vision. With one tap, you can view heat and health information, pregnancy status and reproduction insights. Need to find a specific cow? Nedap Augmented Reality displays a green arrow to lead you to her exact location in the barn.

Step three: Make it easy and actionable.
Nedap Augmented Reality responds to hand gestures and voice commands, allowing you to immediately implement decisions. When you’re wearing your mixed-reality goggles, cow information will appear virtually above the cows and automatically adapt to your location in the barn.  You’ll automatically receive the right cow information at the right time and place while walking the barn. There’s no need to carry a tablet or keyboard because all actions automatically sync with your management system.

Where to find augmented reality

If you use Nedap’s CowControl technology with Cow Locating, you already have what you need to implement AR on your farm. After upgrading to the AR service in the near future, mixed reality goggles can bring your farm’s insights to life.

Visit Nedap Livestock Management at Central Plains Dairy Expo (booth 146) to experience the future of dairy technology.

Also, mark your calendar for Nedap’s Breakout Session during Central Plains Dairy Expo. Nedap’s Roxie Muller will discuss the future of dairy technology and how you can prepare your farm for augmented reality in a breakout session on Wednesday March 26 at 9.00 AM in room 14.