Nedap Now is the cloud-based platform for Nedap solutions. Nedap Now combines the accuracy and reliability of Nedap CowControl with the processing power and scaleability of cloud computing. It unlocks new possibilities in cow and herd management:

Benefits at a glance

  • Access data 24/7/365 from anywhere.
  • Attain seamless integration with herd management systems and third-party stakeholders.
  • Access more historical data over longer periods of time.
  • Create customized work lists with relevant insights for each team member.
  • Allow selective access to data for team members or third-party consultants.
  • Combine data in one spot for improved analysis and insights.
  • Quickly identify anestrus cows or potential pregnancy losses.

Nedap Now in action at NexGen Dairy

“We use the data to make informed decisions, use preventative strategies and be more proactive with our management. Where previously we would have to be reactive to an event, like a group of cows with lower milk production, now we can get in front of a situation.”

Megan Schrupp, NexGen Dairy LLC
Minnesota, USA

“Thanks to Nedap Now we know very easily that we are hitting our targets based on the KPI’s we set. That’s also because the system always works. Even if the internet goes down. Actually, we would have been lost without Nedap.”

Joseph Leonard, Balloy Farm Ltd
Meath, Ireland

New features in Nedap CowControl

Nedap Now offers extensive possibilities to add new features to our solutions for dairy farming. Take a look at the latest applications that Nedap CowControl offers you here.


Health Score

With the Health Score, Nedap introduces a new insight into the health of cows. The Health Score shows the health status of the cow and also the change compared to the previous hours. This insight makes it possible for the farmer to focus on the most critical cows first, saving valuable recovery time for the cow and streamlining labor allocation. Watch the video to see how it works.

Heat Score

A single, reliable indicator to judge the heat of any cow at a glance. That is the essence of the Nedap Heat Score. With a score ranging from 1 to 5, herd managers know at once how to handle heats on the worklist and can easily standardize work flows for their staff. Watch the video to see how it works.

Heat Stress

Nedap Heat Stress detects heat stress and shows the degree and duration of the heat stress experienced by the cows at pen level. This enables dairy farmers or herd managers to take immediate measures to optimize pen conditions. In the video we explain how it works.

Fertility insights

Get a picture of cows with fertility problems, also during the voluntary waiting period, with Nedap Fertility Insights. Timely detection allows you to reduce unnecessary open days, to make strategic use of sexed semen, to confidently wait for the right cycle to inseminate or re-inseminate earlier if necessary and ultimately to increase milk production. Watch the video to see how this works.

Want to know more?

Download the Nedap Now brochure and find out more about the system and how it can integratie into your farm?