The most versatile and reliable cow identification system in the world

Nedap technology offers livestock farmers the most versatile and reliable cow identification system in the world. Our technology is based on decades of experience with farmers. Since 1977, Nedap has been the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) pioneer in cattle management.

Nedap’s experiences and expertise are applied to the development of providing the most advanced tools for real-life applications in the dairy industry. This means you are not only guaranteed superior technological solutions with Nedap, but you can also benefit from the wide range of additional options offered by Nedap’s first-class identification systems. Based on individual animal identification, Nedap offers a farming automation solution that can fit your farm.

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Tracking & Optimizing Cow Performance

Individual cow identification in the dairy cattle management sector is used to ensure no cow remains anonymous and to ensure the health condition and performance of each individual animal can be immediately tracked and managed. Nedap offers a suitable solution for every purpose.



Cattle Tracking

Nedap Identification allows you to track your cows individually. This is done with Nedap tags.


Nedap Identification includes farming automation solutions to optimize cow performance with successful management: heat detection, health monitoring and cow location (Nedap COWControl),  Electronic Concentrate Feeding,  Milk Yield Recording,   Sorting and Routing   and Weighing. For these purposes, the Nedap PowerID, Smarttag Neck is used.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology that enables you to identify individual animals automatically and wirelessly. RFID can be used to make many processes more efficient, secure and effective. A basic RFID system always consists of an RFID label, an RFID reader (antenna) and a system for processing the RFID data.

ISO Standard for livestock RFID

The worldwide standard for RFID animal identification enables automatic national and international registration of origin and movement of animals. Read more in our knowledge article.