Maximize dairy cow reproduction

Maximizing dairy cow reproduction can be an expensive and time-consuming management area on today’s dairy farms. Each day a cow remains open can cost you $2, and each missed heat can cost an upwards of $42. One case of metritis can cost you between $300-$350 *.

On top of that, the Dairy Cattle Reproductive Council estimates 26% of total dairy cattle culled on a farm are due to reproductive issues. But you don’t have to fear those numbers – Nedap is here to help.

* Overton M, Fetrow J. Economics of Postpartum Uterine Health, in Proceedings. Dairy Cattle Repro Counc Conv 2008.

Never miss a cow’s heat

The shorter the calving interval, the sooner your cows can rejoin the milking herd and become profitable. Nedap technology detects heats for every cow, 24/7, helping you maximize reproductive key performance indicators including:

  • Age at first insemination
  • Services per conception
  • Calving interval
  • Conception risk
  • Pregnancy rate

Heat Detection

Detect disease sooner

Even when you’re not around, and before you could see it with your own eye, Nedap technology provides data to identify fertility and health challenges early. Nedap Health Monitoring will send you alerts to give your cows the attention they need for consistent reproductive results.

Health Monitoring