Waikato Milking Systems, a leading developer and manufacturer of dairy technology, and Nedap, a global leader in dairy herd management technology, have formed a new partnership and today launch two new products.
Waikato Milking Systems is releasing its new cow monitoring system, CowTraQ, and its new TracHQ automation platform which will both be powered by Nedap.

“Our technology and partnership with Nedap begins a new era in dairy management,” says Jamie Mikkelson, Waikato Milking Systems Executive Chairman.
“With the release of our smart CowTraQ collars, Waikato Milking Systems now offers the most comprehensive and accurate solution to identify cows and monitor their reproduction, health, location and more.
“The innovative, reliable and integrated identification, automation and monitoring solutions provided by the CowTraQ system and the TracHQ platform lead the way in helping dairy farmers become more profitable, sustainable and productive,” Jamie adds.

Helping dairy farmers to automate everyday tasks and make informed decisions

“Nedap’s widely proven and integrated platform drives herd management technology such as CowTraQ and TracHQ to automate everyday tasks and deliver complete and user-friendly insights to dairy farmers to help make informed decisions,” says Bertino Verstege, Nedap Livestock Management Managing Director.

“Advanced herd monitoring and management technologies have become vital tools for dairy farms throughout the world. That’s because the technology is easily harnessed to maximize herd performance and farm efficiency,” Verstege adds. Dairy farmers save time and labour and use the information generated by the technology to improve farm management at the tactical and strategic levels.

The CowTraQ system and TracHQ platform, powered by Nedap, offer dairy farmers industry leading advantages, including:

  • Transforming cow data into real-time and relevant alerts, to-do lists, reports and barn maps to help manage and control the herd. A single collar combines animal identification, heat detection, health monitoring, herd performance trends and cow  locating to improve herd performance and offer producers peace of mind.
  • Seamless integration with other (Waikato Milking Systems) automation systems, herd management programs and software tools.
  • Dependable, robust technology proven across wide-ranging environmental conditions and farm management systems.
  • An industry-leading research and development team continually cultivating new tools including Augmented Reality.

Sharing a commitment to excellence

“Waikato Milking Systems is excited to add these cow monitoring and herd management solutions to its broad  portfolio of automation tools,” says Jamie.

“They will strengthen dairy farm management and animal care, provide farmers the assurance that proper animal care occurs in a timely manner and expand dairy farmer access to cutting-edge technology and dairy management capabilities.”

Verstege adds, “Nedap is proud to add Waikato Milking Systems to its valued distributor network of leading international dairy industry companies. We are committed to our shared vision of long-term investments to enhance dairy farming and to provide today’s and future farmers a profitable and sustainable future.”


Visit waikatomilking.com or nedap-livestockmanagement.com to learn more about cow monitoring systems and herd management technology.