Darin Strauss
Farm owner


Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

About the farm

  • 900 dairy cows
  • Formed by four families in 2011
  • Equiped with the Lely Cow Locator, powered by Nedap technology

Majestic Crossing Dairy grew from 500 cows in 1998 to 900 cows in 2017 through a series of expansions. Co-owner Darin Strauss says Majestic Crossing had increased labor needs that come with a larger herd which led to the decision to bring Lely Robots and the Cow Locator to the farm. The Cow Locator is powered by Nedap CowControl technology and offers the farmers accurate and reliable Cow LocatingHealth Monitoring and Heat Detection insights.

“The big benefit of Cow Locating is time management,” says Darin. “It helps me get the most out of my staff and my team in a timely and efficient manner. Cow Locating is all about being efficient with your labor force.”

Today, Majestic Crossing Dairy uses Cow Location to pinpoint cows’ exact locations. A “SmartTag” worn by the animal identifies the cow in the robot and transmits location and activity data. The result? Real-time insights on cow and herd health, fertility and the ability to respond to a cow’s needs instantly.

“We’re able to tell the story of a cow’s day-to-day life.”

At Majestic Crossing Dairy, Nedap Cow Locating makes it more efficient to act on insights provided by CowControl’s Health Monitoring and Heat Detection solutions. A health monitoring module provides a list of cows that sensor data indicates could need attention. The heat detection module accurately detects the cows that are in heat and shows  the optimal time for successful insemination. Cow Locating takes Darin, his staff and the breeder to those cows’ exact locations, saving time.

“You have a history and you have a story about that cow before you even go to the barn,” says Darin. “It puts you on a fast track to correcting the situation and finding out what’s wrong.”

Meanwhile, pregnancy checks and ultrasounds conducted by the herd veterinarian take half the time thanks to Cow Locating.

“Before Cow Locating, it probably took an hour and a half,” says Darin. “Now it takes about 45 minutes, mainly due to cow location. We are able to go from point A to point B, find the cows quickly and get the job done.”

Using real-time cow location and health information, Majestic Crossing Dairy has achieved operational efficiencies and created a better environment for their cows.


Saving 45 minutes (-50%)

Per pregnancy check with the herd veterinarian

More tasks performed

Allows staff to do more tasks throughout the day

Real-time and 24/7

Cow heat, health and location insights