Taanayel Farms
Hany Abdelmalek, Farm Manager



About the farm

  • 1,200 cows
  • Started in 2012
  • Part of Taanayel Les Fermes, leading dairy company

“With Nedap CowControl we achieve our goals”

Hany Abdelmalek is a farm manager at Taanayel Farms. His dairy farm has quadrupled from 300 to 1,200 cows in just eight years. At the farm they use Nedap CowControl to make the daily activities more transparent and fun, so that they achieve their targets.

“We started in 2012 with a small farm of about 300 cows,” says Hany while his employees are milking the cows in the background. “Then we built this new farm. At the beginning of 2020, we had 1,200 cows in total here, of which we’re milking 800.” Hany Abdelmalek’s dairy farm is part of Taanayel Les Fermes, the Lebanese market leader in authentic, traditional dairy products. The factories in Bonjus process their milk.

Improve pregnancy rate of cows

On the dairy farm, they use Nedap CowControl mainly for heat and health detection and the monitoring of the cow’s eating, rumination and inactive behavior. “These functions are really indispensable for us in management and make the day-to-day work a lot easier,” says Hany. The passionate manager focuses on realizing the targets. “Before we start our working day, part of the work has already been done by CowControl. Thanks to the attention lists, we know exactly which cows are in heat or in a preliminary stage of illness. We then immediately check those animals or inseminate them, leaving us time to carry out other tasks down to the last detail, and this is reflected in the results. The pregnancy rate has increased, while we spend much less time on insemination and use less hormones.”

Smooth recovery of fresh cows

Nedap CowControl is also essential for Taanayel Farms for health management. Both for monitoring individual animals and for an overview per group. Hany explains how it helps them: “The system gives an alert if something is wrong with a cow. Almost 90% of the sick cows are detected by CowControl. We also monitor the fresh and dry cows in two separate groups from the rest. For the fresh cows it is important that they quickly start eating again after calving.” Because the system registers the eating and rumination time, he has a good view of this group and the individual animals in it. He also keeps a close eye on dry cows. “If a cow’s eating, ruminating or inactive behavior deviates from the normal pattern, CowControl signals this immediately and we receive a timely attention to check this cow. This allows us to anticipate quickly.”

Better feed management

Every day Nedap CowControl presents the behavior of the cows in a graphical representation. At a glance you can see per hour whether the cows are eating, ruminating or being inactive. “For example, we can monitor in the system whether the feeding times and the portions are correct and whether the cows like the feed. In this way CowControl also contributes to our feed management.” The system ensures peace and regularity on the farm. Hany can manage his farm anytime, anywhere via his mobile. “Thanks to the system, we detect irregularities at an early stage and prevent major problems. You can plan the day from early in the morning to late at night, which makes the work more pleasant”, is his firm conviction.

Significant improvement in results

Hany has compared the results of the first half of 2019 with the second half of the year and is very pleased with the figures: “What a difference”, he notes enthusiastically. “We have mainly achieved a significant improvement in pregnancy rate, but the number of culled animals and the mortality rates have also decreased considerably. I recommend this system to every dairy farmer. Especially here in the Middle East, Nedap CowControl will make the lives of dairy farmers a lot easier.”


Increased pregnancy rate

due to accurate heat detection

Improved health status

through insight into eating, rumination and inactive behavior

Less use of hormones

shifted to automatic heat detection

Time and labor saving

no more visual heat and health monitoring

Less culling, lower mortality

thanks to early detection of health issues