Identify sick cows early to keep more milk in the tank

Accurately identifying individual-cow milk production and components can help you better understand the performance of your herd and identify opportunities to adjust management areas on your farm. Nedap understands farmers are faced with the struggle of mastitis incidences and continuously looking for ways to improve cow milk production. We want you to win at both.

Reduce impacts of mastitis

Mastitis costs the dairy industry nearly $2 billion annually. Roughly two-thirds of that cost is the result of reduced milk production in cows affected with subclinical mastitis. Reducing the incidence of mastitis and treating it sooner gives you the opportunity to save money with the following:

  • Avoiding discarded abnormal milk or milk withheld from treated cows
  • Having to replace affected cows early in lactation
  • Decreasing costs of drugs and veterinary services
  • Eliminating increased labor costs

High production and milk yield

Healthier cows, better production

When your cows are healthy, so is your production. Not only can you save money by detecting and correcting mastitis issues sooner, your healthy cows can high milk yielding cows. Your farm can benefit in the following ways:

  • Increased production per cow
  • More milk in the tank
  • Higher premiums on your milk

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